Litomyšl and Tugendhat

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We checked out the Unesco World Heritage list, and found out we could see two more items listed. The first is in Litomyšl, one of the oldest cities of the Czech Republic (by the way, this reminds us of round towers in Ireland, where every one of them is 'one of the best preserved' round towers). The square is quite nice, with a city hall and the shops hidden behind the arcades.

Litomysl Square

The Two Towers


If the result isn't what you expected it to be, it's easy: put white plaster on it and start over.

The item on the Unesco list is not the city itself, but the palace. It is decorated with sgraffito, one of the most elaborate examples of the Austrian-Hungarian empire (although we are in neither country). As we understand it, sgraffito is very easy: you take a brown wall, put white plaster on it and then take away the parts you don't want to be white. It is like freeing the lion from the block of marble: take everything away that is not a lion.

Sun dial

Nice tits

Inspired by Rubens?


A completely different item on the Unesco list is the Tugendhat Villa in Brno. This villa is a design of the architect Mies van der Rohe. It is one of the most famous functional buildings in the world. From the street you would pass the building without giving it a second glance, and on the floor with the entrance we were not impressed either. Dolmabahce shoes

The surprise comes in the living room annex library annex dining room, which is one space and at the same time separated in several spaces. The windows to the garden, which can be lowered completely and disappear in the wall, makes the experience complete.

The one thing we don't like, is that after you've had this complete experience, you still have to listen to a guide speaking in Czech for almost an hour.

Entrance hall

 Living room

OK, there is a leaflet explaining everything in English; but we finished that when we were still in the hallway. Have we ever mentioned before we don't like guided tours?

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