Praha - New City

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Wenseslaus Street

National Museum

The National Museum looks very impressive on the outside. We thought about going inside, until we read the description of the collection in our guidebook. When even this particular brand of guidebook can't get enthusiastic about a museum ("endless rows of pottery shards and stuffed animals"), it must be really boring.

The parts of Prague where most tourists come, are the first inhabited part with the fortress (from the 9th century), the 'Old city' (Staré Město) from the 11th Century and the 'New city' (Nové Město) from the 14th Century. So, new is not what it means in most cities.

Nevertheless, this is the part where you find the shops and that sort of things. The top end of the main shopping street is the National Museum, an enormous building in neo-Renaissance style with matching statue of St. Wenceslaus on horse.

 St. Wenseslaus
Glass souvenirs

This part of Prague is also the part where you find all the fast food chains you find anywhere in the world. And there are lots of them Every 10th building in the New City happens to be a Kentucky Fried Chicken, with McDonalds and Burger King next door.

And there are souvenir shops too, even though there are not as many tourists as in the Old City. But also: regular shops fro Czech people! The Dance house is also called Fred and Ginger, and shows how modern architecture can fit in an historical city. Unfortunately, there are no other examples.

Dance House

Leon likes beer and can't of course miss the original Pilsner from the nearby city Plzeň. And the good news is: there are many more types of beer to try.

The original Pilsener beer

Having a beer on one of the many terraces of Prague is a cool thing to do. Watching people is fun!

Leon likes beer

Rozhledna Tower

Outside the centre of Prague, you can find the Petřín hill, one of the nine hills on which Prague was built. There is a large park and lots of inhabitants of Prague come here in the weekends. One of the things you can do, is climb the tower inspired by the Eiffel Tower, Rozhledna, and have a view over the city.

View from the Rozhledna Tower

museum of modern art A bit North of the city centre you can find the museum of modern art in one of the ugliest buildings of the city. That is, from the outside. Inside it is quite attractive, and the collection is nice. We didn't know Van Gogh and Picasso were French painters (although they both lived there for a while).

And thanks to the temporary exhibition with Czech glass we are now convinced they do not only make the awful things most souvenir shops sell.

 Czech glass

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