Arnis lies in the north of Germany, in Schleswig-Holstein, somewhere between Kiel and the Danish border. It lies on the shore of the Schlei, a wide river or maybe even a lake between the city Schleswig and the Baltic sea.

The construction you see in the water is to catch herring. We have no idea how it works, but our friends who live here, assured us this is true. And our friends are associated with the mayor of Arnis, so they should know.


This part of Germany was alternating Danish or German. There are a lot of remains of the Vikings, who lived here. The dike is called Danewerken, Danish works. It is a kind of Hadrian's Wall or Offa's Dyke, but built by the Danish, and it formed the most southern border for a long time. The viking ship is a replica. And there are rune-stones as well here.

Nearby is a village, owned by a Duke. Although the houses are priceless and you are not allowed to change anything, the village looks great. It is also a nice spot to have a picnic, even in the rain.