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Eifel / Mosel 2002

In 2002, some people from Mirjam's work organised an weekend-excursion to the Eifel region in Germany. We had some free days left, so we decided to stay a little longer and have ourselves a holiday in the Eifel and Mosel regions. Beforehand, we were warned: this is where you can find lots of elderly people having their holidays. So, you might expect these regions are rather dull and sleepy. 

For the Mosel this appears to be true, the most interesting things to do here consist of 
(1) tasting wine, 
(2) making boat trips on the river and 
(3) tasting wine while making a boat trip. 

The Eifel is a lot better, especially when you like walking. Well, have a look at the pictures we made and see for yourself. On our Eifel map you can see where we've been. 

More like a museum than a real town

Vulkan Eifel
Dauner Maaren
Lots of volcanic phenomena

The Devil's Gorge
The Devil's Gorge at Irrel
Walking between coral riffs

A Roman city in Germany

Mosel and Bernkastel
Mosel river and Bernkastel-Kues
Landscapes for jigsaw-puzzles

Cycling around Zülpich
Cycling around Zülpich
Cycling around where ? Zülpich !!

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