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Hanging kitchens

The best known place of the Eifel is Monschau. It is filled with houses with timber framings: a wooden construction filled with stones. 

Together with a small river and lots of flowers this makes Monschau an attractive place.

We found ourselves a little Konditorei on the market square, to have lunch. It's a lot of fun to watch all the tourists. Guessing the countries where they come from is always a nice game. Of course, there were a lot of people from Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and France. There were also a lot of young people from Spain. What the hell were they doing here ???

Timber framings

The church

Although we were here on a weekday in the autumn, Monschau was still pretty busy. Imagine what it is like in summertime!
Apart from timber framings, you can also find shops with Christmas decorations all year round and tourist trains, to bring you all over the place.

We noticed the train made the same sound as a parakeet. When the train was gone, the sound remained. Aha, it was a parakeet (just across the street).

Weihnachtshaus. Open all year round. Brrr.

Tourist train

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