Mosel and Bernkastel

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An ideal picture for a jigsaw puzzle

The region of the river Mosel is a romantic place, with small villages, hills, and a nice river. 
A picture like this would be ideal for making a jigsaw puzzle, the only thing missing is a couple of swans.

The Mosel is well known for its wine. The hills, how steep sometimes, are filled with vineyards. The wine is usually white and sweet or very sweet, although there is also red wine and there is also wine called 'dry' or 'half dry'. We didn't try it, because we think our ideas of dry is different than theirs.


The Mosel river

The Mosel is ideal for a boat-trip. There are a lot of cruise-ships, going from one city to several others. Bernkastel (with on the other shore Kues) is one of the places where the boats stop.

You can't be serious about this place
Bernkastel, crowded with tourists We thought Monschau was a bit touristic, but Bernkastel beats anything. The place is really crowded with tourists (with an average age of 65 years). Every house has the timber framings, and the wood of the framings is decorated itself. When you can find a quiet day to visit the place (so, not on a Wednesday in September), it might be worthwhile.

What we did like about Bernkastel, were the back alleys. No tourists to be seen over there, just us. Too bad most of those back alleys were dead ends.

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