The Devil's Gorge

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A bridge with a roof

Mirjam on the bridge (under the roof)
Near Irrel in Germany but just across the border of Echternach in Luxembourg, you can find the Devil's Gorge (Teufelschlucht). First you cross the small river Prüm. The bridge has a roof, so you can cross dry at any time. 
After a bit over 1 kilometre starts the Devil's Gorge. It is formed by big rocks, that are fallen when the Prüm eroded too big parts of the soft rock away. The remaining rocks leave a walking trail open, with impressive walls on both sides. 

Coral riffs

A narrow passage Fat Germans will get stuck here

Mirjam has no problems at all


The Felsenweiher should be a reserve for a lot of very rare plants and animals. We did see a lot of animals, but we never knew mosquitoes were rare. 

We walked further after the Devil's Gorge. After some time we came along this place: the Felsenweiher. Around the little lake there are footpaths and steps. A bit natural and a bit of mankind.

It looks very romantic (if you don't mind the mosquitoes)
But not everything here is beautiful. We came across this big quarry, a scar in the landscape. However, if we hadn't been curious about the noise coming from behind some shrubbery, we probably wouldn't even have noticed it.


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