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Porta Nigra

Look over there: you can see lots of tourists
Inside the Porta Nigra

Trier is the oldest city of Germany. The Romans have left here a lot of buildings, for instance, the Porta Nigra (black town-gate). After the Romans left, the Christians used it as a part of one of the churches. In the interior are a lot of sculptures of saints. 

Thermen am Viehmarkt

Market square

A typical German town, with timber framings and a highly decorated fountain.

In Trier are also the remains of three Roman bath-houses: the one at the cattle-market, the Barbara Thermen and the Kaiser Thermen (Emperor bath-house). This last one has a labyrinth of underground corridors, which you are allowed to explore.


Some sort of palace

Underground facilities
Near the Kaiser Thermen there is a palace. Because it was beautiful weather, there were many people sitting in the gardens.
The Dom Cathedral is very sober, compared with all the Spanish cathedrals we saw earlier this year. The sculptures and paintings are in natural colours that resemble the colours of the columns and walls, very stylish. The treasures are in a separate exhibition that we didn't visit.

Inside the cathedral

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