Vulkan Eifel

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Meeting point for a walk around the Maaren

Close to Holland and a lot of volcanic things, the ideal place for a trip with your colleagues. The heart of the Eifel region is called the Vulkan Eifel, the Volcanic Eifel. After a visit to the volcanic museum in Daun it is time to have a look at the real thing: some of the volcanic lakes, the Maaren.

When a volcano erupts under a lake, there is almost an explosion of the water that comes to boiling within seconds. As a result, a perfect round hole is formed, which fills up with water again: a Maar. In time, most of those lakes are filled up with land again, but some of the around 80 Maaren are still a lake.

This is a Maar

Ge is telling a story

Those Maaren are ideal to walk around (when you are Dutch, you have an urgent need to walk around any lake in the vicinity, it must have something to do with genes). The Maaren are not so big, so in an hour you can walk around. At the end of the trail you can either enjoy the local beer or walk back along a path through the forest.

This village is Gerolstein, a sympathetic place and famous for its mineral water. Some steep mountain-walls tower above Gerolstein. Though not high, you can walk or climb here for hours. The Geological Route takes you along places that are interesting from a geological view. And you come along one of de many castles in the Eifel, and through a beautiful landscape. 

Gerolstein, sponsored by Fleischmann

Arsehole ! Castle near Gerolstein
Counting the fish in the river near Gerolstein. At the back of the picture you can see the climbing walls.

The pictures below are of a waterfall near Nohn. The water contains a lot of chalk, which causes a continuing 'growing' of the rock.

Standing on the bridge

A (geologically) very interesting waterfall

An old-ladies painting club at the waterfall

A nice looking chapel in the woods When you take a walk through one of the many forests in the Eifel, there is a big change you will come along a small romantic chapel, like this one. They are ideal to marry in privacy: you have to walk at least 15 minutes to get there, and there is room for about 10 people. 

The Oberburg at Manderscheid.

You have also a good chance to see a castle: there are many of those in the Eifel. This is the Oberburg in Manderscheid (where there's also a Niederburg.

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