Bad Wildungen

Statues of nice ladies in Bad Wildungen

Bad Wildungen is one of those places with Bad (meaning bath) in its name. A lot of people come here to enjoy the healing power of the mineral water. We are still recovering from a nasty cold, so Bad Wildungen is a fine place for us.

Leon looks very surprised 
In this part of Germany are a lot of fachwerk houses: a wooden structure filled with stone. Most houses bear an inscription, stating who built the house and when, and that it was done with the help of God.

Yes, we did it all with the help of God

Walking towards Arnsfeld

There was a storm, last week

Walking through the forest

We walked through the forests and along small meadows. It had stormed recently, and not all the fallen trees were already taken from the path. Judging from the amount of forest stands, used by hunters, there must be a lot of game. And indeed, we did see a fox. Of course it was too fast to catch it on a photo.

German landscape
On our way to Gellershausen  National Park
Close to Bad Wildungen lies the Edersee, a reservoir lake surrounded by a National Park. In summertime you can take a ferry over the water.
The Dam Edersee
Coffee and cookie break

Impossible to get lost

Bad Wildungen is a paradise for walkers. There are almost 1,000 kilometers of walking trail in the vicinity.

Even when some parts of the path are used by several marked routes (like here... 8 ones!), you can easily spent some weeks walking here. And there are enough places to sit and rest, some of them even with pillows of moss.

Green bench