Climbing a hill

Willingen lies in Sauerland. Together with Winterberg it is the heart of the skiing area in central Germany. We came here for walking, and hadn't really expected any snow at all. Otherwise we probably wouldn't have come, because we thought snow would be cold.

Willingen in the distance
A stream

Very slippery

We found out that walking in the snow isn't cold at all. Everybody going skiing had told us that, of course. Walking takes so much of an effort, that you keep warm. It is essential though to pause with hot drinks, preferably in a Konditorei (bakery with coffee shop and lots of cakes).

Good for langlaufen

Strangely, we were the only people out there. There were a lot of people in Willingen who looked like they came for skiing, but none of them were actually in the hills. Maybe the pré-ski and the apres-ski are more important than the actual skiing.

Yes, even more snow
We took the opportunity to make a Christmas card. We took two pictures which were a bit boring by itself and put them together, so we were posing on a path with trees along it. And of course our guinea pig, Osama, had to be in the picture as well. Although we had brought him with us, we figured that he wouldn't like the snow, so Photoshop had to do the job. 
Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Pictures 1 + 2 + 3 = Christmas card

Osama was here, too