Boating on Ithaca

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You can't have a two-week vacation in Greece and not go boating. You can hire a motorboat in any place with a harbor. In the bigger harbors you can probably hire sailboats as well, but (1) we are in Frikes, which is not a big place, and (2) we can't handle a sailboat.

Where do we go now ?

Rocks look different from this side

Out on the open sea, the coast seems very small. All those little bays just seem to disappear when you sail along with 20 km/hour, going in a straight line to the end of the permitted area.

When you enter those little bays and take some time, you'll discover these bays are wonderful. They are indeed beautiful, and very quiet, since the only way to get here is by boat.

Fishing boats hidden in the bay

Mirjam with a lot of white spots

This is an important part of boating. The permitted area is not so big, so you can't keep sailing all the time. So, when you are in one of those little bays, this presents you with a great moment to get some tan on the parts that are normally hidden by shorts and shirts.

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