Cycling on Kefalonia

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Kefalonian landscape

The surroundings of Sami are perfect for cycling. Of course, you can go to Argostoli (25 km), but then you have to cross the mountains, with an altitude of nearly 800 meters at the pass. Agio Efimia is a better goal: the road along the coast is almost flat, and on the way are lots of small beaches, ideal to take a break.

You don't have to walk for a cookie break

When you want a little more straining, you can proceed to the west coast. The road gains altitude little by little. Anyone with more practice than we have can do that easily. For us, the smallest gear and a lot of breaks do the trick.
Your effort earns you a view of the most beautiful beach of Greece (claimed on very official looking signs): Myrtos beach. It is a rather broad sandy beach, and the sea has great colors. A couple of kilometers down and you can take a dive into the water.

We decided to turn to the north, in the direction of Assos. This is a small town on a peninsula, with a Venetian castle. It was a bit cloudy when we got there, so the photo's are not so great. But the view was wonderful.

Myrtos beach seen from above
Here you can see that the higher we got, the more clouds there were.

Entering the clouds

This sign probably says it is dangerous to sit here

By the time you get to the road which leads down to Assos, you have climbed something of 400 meters. The best part has yet to come, when you decide to go back to Sami. It goes all the way down, with a speed of up to 60 km/h!!!

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