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Frikes is a cute little village in the North of Ithaca. Frikes has only 23 inhabitants. However, due to the popularity of its harbor with tourists who are on a sailing holiday, there are 4 restaurants.

One of the nice things of staying in a small village (off season, of course), is that after a few days you are part of the place. People recognize you, you see the painting-job on the neighboring house getting further every day ...

View over Frikes from our hotel room

Frikes harbor

Flower arrangements on the first of May

On the 1st of May the Greeks collect flowers. From these they make they make circles which they hang on their houses. In Frikes, you could see one on every house.
The harbor of Frikes is a great place for swimming. You can jump into the water right off the jetty. And after swimming you can work on your tan.

Retrieving my socks


But beware, at 16:00 the ferry from Patra to Sami crosses by in the distance. About ten minutes later, large waves will sweep over the jetty. We were fast enough to rescue the camera from another dive (the first being at the Vafkeri waterfalls), but all clothes were floating in the harbor and we had to go swimming again to retrieve them.
Walking up to Exoghi

Ithaca is a nice island for walking. From our hotel we walked along both bays which may be Porghy's bay (of Homer), through small villages and all the way up to Exoghi. Some of the paths are not used by many people, so we had to find our way through flowers and buzzing bees. Another path is broader, two donkeys should be able to pass here.

Lazy lion

On Ithaca are even the lions at the gate a bit lazy. These lie on their pillar with their heads on there paws. As a tourist, you can have a great time doing nothing over here, looking a bit at people in the harbor, meanwhile sipping your drink. 

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