Around Kefalonia

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Kefalonia is the biggest island we visited. We hired a car for one day to see some of the sights. The Ionian Islands don't have many of those column-buildings, but there is enough to see anyway.

This thingumy at the left is a lighthouse, quite an uncommon building.


Castle of St. George

Flowers in Mazakarata

There are several castles on Kefalonia, most of them from the Venetian times. This one, the castle of St George, was closed for maintenance when we where there, so we couldn't see the inside.
A peep-show

Holes in the ground

From some ancient time are those graves. At first you see only some deep holes in the ground, but then you find the place is rather big, with small tunnels. The findings are in the museum.
The tombs

At Skala there is a Roman villa. When we tried to visit it, it was closed. A strange American told us it had been closed for years. And he suggested we would climb over the fence and have a closer look at the mosaics. And we did.

Mosaic at Skala roman villa

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