Around Lefkas

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Is this Greece ... or Ireland ?

Yesterday, we made the long walk from Platystoma to Nidri. Today, we wanted to give our feet a little rest. That's why we left our walking boots in the closet and we rented a car to see a bit more of the island of Lefkas. Our main goal was the west side of the island.

Lefkas doesn't have many interesting places for the culture-freak. If you're searching for oracles, temples of Apollo, Roman cities (with columns of course), you won't find them here.

However, if you like landscapes, there is a lot on Lefkas for you to see. And if you like to drive your car over not-so-perfect roads, the west of Lefkas can be a lot of fun.

We found ourselves a road (or was it a mule path ?) that took us from Chortata to Kalamitsi in 45 minutes. If you consider the distance we covered was only 7 kms, you can imagine what type of road this was. I'll have to tell my brother this is far better than a jeep-safari on Gran Canaria (gna gna).


The west side of Lefkas is not frequented by tourists. Strange, since this is the part of the island where the best beaches are. We think the Greeks want to keep these beaches for themselves, and why shouldn't they.

 Nikitas beach

We just hope they didn't mind to see us here, being just another couple of bloody tourists. Anyway, we had a great time sitting on the terrace near the beach.

Paint it blue (then it looks Greek)

Drinks on Nikitas beach

This bridge is also a boat

The bridge between Lefkas and the mainland is a bit strange. It happens to be a ferry boat that fits the gap exactly. When a ship wants to pass, to 'bridge' turns.

The waves on the Ionian Sea aren't very high. Still, we think the guy who's built his house on this island is very brave. He should try this in Holland....

A crazy place to build your house

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