The Lakagigar hike

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Philippe and the beautiful waterfall After travelling around Iceland in two weeks, we also wanted to experience it from really close. We booked a 5-day hike with the Icelandic Mountain guides, the Lakagigar hike. We liked this one the best, because it was the only one where we only had to carry our own daypack. Everything else would be brought to the next hut by car. This is not only our clothes and sleeping bags, but also a stove, gas bottle and pans for cooking, meat and fish, vegetables, desserts, oil, vinegar and herbs for the salad-dressing and so on. The luxury tour so to speak (we only had to do the walking (and cooking) ourselves).
When the going gets tough ....

... the not-so-tough take a cookie break !!!

We walked with an international group: 5 French (4 of them travelling together), 3 Dutch (including the two of us), two Icelandic ladies including the guide and an Icelandic dog.
Wet feet

Drying shoes

It had really been raining the weekend before the hike started, and we also had some rain on the first walking day. The result was that the swamp we had to cross on the second day covered a bigger area than normal and was deeper than usual. So when we arrived at the hut, all the shoes were put outside in the sun to dry.
Lakagigar landscape The third day is the name-giver of the hike: we went to the Lakagigar volcano. In 1783 the earth opened itself over a distance of 25 km, with the volcano Laki in the middle. The lava was very thin and reached the farms in the area in only a short time. An enormous lava field was formed, part of which you can see when travelling over the ring-road.
In the 220 years after the eruption, a tick layer of moss has formed itself on the lava. When you see this idyllic picture, it is hard to imagine the eruptions and the poisonous gasses killed a fifth of the total population of Iceland.

Landscape with Jean

Volcanic lake When we arrived at this lake on the third day, we met some other people walking here. There was even a marked trail! Up till then, we boldly went where no-one had gone before (except the farmers, collecting their sheep in autumn, of course). The 4th and 5th day were completely for ourselves again.
At the fourth day the sunny weather was all used up, so we had a lot of rain and a cold wind. Every-one was tired when we finally arrived in the hut, where we turned on the heater to get warm and dry again.

In the morning it was dry again, with even some sunshine. This last day would be not too long, with "some waterfalls" on the way.

Today we'll see "some waterfalls"

Impressive !!! The waterfalls turned out to be really impressive, an enormous amount of water falling and squeezing through a narrow gap and falling again. Every time we thought we had seen it all, there was a new one. And it doesn't even have a name!

Jóna, thank you for bringing us out there and showing us this part of Iceland. 

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