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In Iceland, there is a lot of water, in small streams, big rivers and lakes. There is also a lot of difference in height, from the highest peak at more than 2,100 meters to sea level. This combination leads almost inevitably to lots of waterfalls, small and big. We saw the one with the most force, Dettisfoss, and the highest, Glymur. We don't have a picture of Glymur, because it hid in clouds just when we arrived. We had a glance at it, but not enough time to take a picture. So you have to do with 'only' the pictures of some other waterfalls.

Close to the first Fosshotel (waterfall-hotel) we stayed in, lies Glanni. A romantic waterfall, according to the guidebook. Strange to see a fish-stairs next to a natural waterfall. If the fish couldn't swim up the waterfall, why would they want to go there? They go back to the place where they were born, don't they?

The Dettifoss is the most powerful waterfall of Iceland. 200,000 litres of water fall over a height of 44 meters every second, 86,400 seconds a day. The rivers carries a lot of dirt, eroded by the glacier, giving the water a grey colour.

When you want to visit this waterfall, you'll need an umbrella . Not because it's always raining here, but because the waterfall generates an enormous amount of spray. Without an umbrella it's almost impossible to keep your camera dry. As you can see on the picture on the left, we forgot to bring one.
Just a few kilometres downstream this enormous amount of water reaches Katlar, a small ravine only a few meters wide. The word "rapid" does not give full credit to this place. You definitely don't want to go rafting here.

You can combine your walk to Katlar with this waterfall, the Hˇlmarfoss. This is a small river which mounds into the river of the Dettifoss.
At the Go­afoss the water falls for only 12 meters, but over a wide river, divided in two major parts by a big rock. Thorgeir the Lawgiver had to decide around the year 1,000 whether the old Nordic gods or the new Christianity would be the official religion. He decided that outside the Christianity would be the official religion, but in the homes the old gods were allowed. He himself threw his statues of the Nordic gods in this waterfall.

Godafoss The waterfall can easily be reached, there is even a restaurant close by. The Go­afoss is one of the best visited waterfalls in Iceland. The fact that there is a car park and a restaurant near to the waterfall might be a possible reason for this. And, the fact that the waterfall, the restaurant and the car park are quite close to the Ring Road might also have something to do with it. Making a picture of the Godafoss can be difficult; there are always a lot of other photographers standing in your way.
Even more popular is the Gullfoss, the Golden waterfall. It lies within a day's distance of Reykjavik, close to the geothermal area where Geysir and its smaller brother Strokkur can be seen. It is a magnificent waterfall, which falls in several steps and then almost disappears into a deep gorge. Unfortunately, the sun which is the reason for the name of Gullfoss, didn't show itself when we were there.


Behind the Seljalandfoss At the Seljalandfoss, you can walk behind the waterfall. Although waterfalls look idyllic, they make the noise of a passing airplane when you stand so close.

And you get wet, too !

Looking for theasure at the Skogafoss

Leon and Mirjam in front of Skogafoss

At Skogar a golden treasure is hidden beneath the waterfall. At sunny days the shimmer of the gold can easily be seen: the water gets a golden colour. Though people have often looked for it, only one ring is found and then the treasure disappeared again.
Svartifoss The Svartifoss takes an hour of walking. It is the symbol of the Skaftafell national park, which probably explains why you can see a lot of people here, trying to reach their breath.

It must be said, it is an elegant waterfall, with its unusual basalt columns 'hanging' from the top. Walking to Svartifoss you will also see 2 other waterfalls, and you can easily extend your trip just a bit to cover 2 more waterfalls. 

In some guidebooks you see this waterfall with the name Systrafoss, the nuns waterfall at KirkjubŠjarklaustur. This is not true, the Systrafoss lies a bit more to the west. This one has no name, it is the waterfall in the Stjorn-river. It is pretty, and you can even sleep very close to it, at the campsite just next to it. When you want to see another waterfall without a name, have a look at the page with our LakagÝgar-hike.

The waterfall in the Stjorn-river

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