North coast of Java

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Road from Cirebon  Pekalongan - Semarang

Not many tourist take the road along the northern coast of Java, from Cirebon via Pekalongan to Semarang. As a result, we had all the sights for ourselves. The planting of the rice for instance. And we also found out where the small plants that are planted come from: from separated small fields with lots of plants.

 Area to grow rice plants

Planting rice

Bird in the rice fields

Bicycle with children toys

Bamboo construction

Everyday life also is about constructing (here a school for midwives), ploughing the land and washing the laundry in the river.

We had noticed these bicycles with children toys before, but now we also managed to stop one and find some children to demonstrate it. On front of the bicycle four seats are made, and the cyclist can let them rock by cycling. It is an invention we have never seen anywhere else before.

Ploughing the field

Laundry washing in the river

We stopped at a fishing men village, with a lot of colourful boats in its small harbour. At the nearby market the fresh catch from the sea was sold: crab, shrimp and all kind of fish. The people liked to show their ware to us, so we could take pictures of them. Although you don't speak each others language, you can still have fun together. Crab

 Fishing boat

Lady showing the catch of the day

Lots of fish


When we stopped in a small village to drink our coffee, a lot of children gathered to have a look at those strange white people. Before leaving, we gave everybody some sweets. It is strange to see everybody happy with such a small thing. 

Do you like some sweets?


In Semerang we stopped a little longer. We saw here the Dutch church. The night before we had had a tropical shower, and some of the streets were still flooded. That could have been better in a town with a Dutch history! Finally we saw a show with masked people and a lot of music. The man with the enormous mask also carries some-one on his mask, a heavy job.

Dutch church in Semarang

Masked parade Flooded streets

Gedong Songo

Gedong Songo means 9 buildings. These aren't ordinary buildings, but Hindu temples. The buildings are spread over a hill in a beautiful landscape. When you want to visit more than 2 or 3 of them, you can best rent a horse for the trip.

Detail of a Hindu temple Hindu temple at Gedong Songo


Not far from Gedong Songo lies Ambarawa. Here you can find a railway museum with many steam powered trains. There is also a trip possible to a nearby village, but we didn't try that. We did have a look at the items in the station building. On a lot of items you recognize Dutch words in the Indonesian language, very funny. 

Steam locomotive

 Antoher steam locomotive

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