Ujung Kulon

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Ujung Kulon National Park is a peninsula and a couple of small islands in the south western corner of Java. As most of the peninsula is covered in dense jungle, the easiest way to get there is by boat. And there are lots of boats available, although most of them are owned by fishermen.

Map of Ujung Kulon

Fishing boat
Ujung Kulon is mainly famous for the Javanese rhinoceros, which still lives here. As there are less than 100 of them left in an area of over 400 km2, changes are you will not see them. Anyway, we didn't. But we did see paradise-like islands, with trees growing in the see. And it was very quiet and beautiful weather, almost holiday. 

 Trees in the sea

Sign of Peucang Island with deer

On one of the islands, Peucang, we stayed in a hotel. And here also lived several deer and some pig, who are willing to pose for some photos. The next day we went by boat to the peninsula. Most of it with the big boat, but to get on shore we had to use a canoe. The seawater is here about 30 degrees, so getting a bit wet is not a problem.

Walking through the jungle Little canoe

After the ranger, who cut every branch that dare to grow over the path, we walked through the jungle to an outlook post. Still no rhinoceros, but we did find wild cow. They have white legs and a white bottom and they are not very accustomed to people, otherwise we would have mistaken them for normal cows.

Outlook post Wild cows

After sunset, the gecko in our room takes care of the mosquitoes.


Little fish

Gecko in our room

At some places around the islands is some coral reef, where you can go snorkelling. It is nice to look at the fish, but experienced snorkelers will be disappointed here. Last year at Nha Trang in Vietnam was a much better place.

Canoeing the Cigenter river

What we really enjoyed was the canoe trip over the Cigenter river. With two canoes with each 4 seats we peddled over the quiet river through the jungle.

The owners of the canoes pointed the animals out, a python and a big bird, and the footprint of a crocodile. This one was estimated at a bout 4 meters, so we were not too unhappy we didn't meet him in person. A really nice trip. 

Canoes for four persons

Completely nuts

On returning to the shore we remembered the floating fishermen houses we had seen on the first day. At night there are big lights on, which attracts the fish. We stayed in a resort directly at the beach, it looked like there was a complete village just outside. It is amazing there is still fish in the ocean.

Floating fishermen house

Fishing at night with lights

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