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In Iran, there used to be over a thousand caravanserais. About every 40 km along the old caravan routes, you could find these places, where you could eat, sleep and drink and where was a place to put your camel.Just like a motel. Today, there are only 128 left, and most of them are in ruins. We visited one of them, in the middle of the desert a few hundred meters from the road from Yazd to Kerman.

Inside the caravanserai

Caravanserai from the outside

This caravanserai had recently been restored in its old glory. We could imagine easily it had once been a very lively place, because the day before we had lunch in a restaurant that was reconstructed from a ruined caravanserai.

The caravanserai from above


On the airplane to Tehran there was an Iranian lady sitting next to me. She asked if I was one of those tourist who would expect Iran was full of camels. I did my homework, so I was not. She told me anyway that I wouldn't see any camels at all. But we did see them and funny enough it was only a few 100 meters from the caravanserai. I hope one day the lady will see this page and remember me.

The doorway

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