Impressions of Iran

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In Iran we saw a lot of different things. The beautiful things were shown on all the previous pages, but we also saw some things that were not so beautiful or just a little strange, but even though worthwhile to make a picture. Some of these impressions will be shown on this page.

Light blue fridge

Iranian toilet paper

One of the first things we saw in Iran, was this refrigerator in our very first hotel room. We had never seen a light blue one before, and never heard a fridge make so much noise as this one. And no site about Iran is complete without even to mention the Iranian 'toilet-paper'. To use it, it requires some experience, otherwise you'll end up with very wet clothes.

Almost every garage has made a cool pyramid of oilcans. If you want one from the bottom, they'll have to build a new one.


Santa Claus

Santa Claus is coming to town. And he's coming to Iran, too. This was another thing we would never have expected.

This is a typical shop on the side of the road. In one of those shops we found Bavaria non-alcoholic beer from Holland. But it was too expensive: 16.000 rials. For the same price you can buy 150 liters of diesel or 16 bottles of Iranian beer. Luckily, we found another shop where the price was more reasonable.

Bavaria single malt

The ugly side of Iran

On the picture on the left you see the ugly side of Iran: garbage. You see it everywhere alongside every road and every street.
But even garbage has his beauty, if it is so beautifully coloured as on the picture below.

Beautiful garbage
Drive carefully !! We said it before, Iranian traffic is hell. Even the Iranians themselves agree with this. Roadsigns with friendly texts as "Drive carefully, please" don't seem to help.

This is why cars that have been in a terribly crash are used as an example of what can happen as a result of uncareful driving. The dummy and the red paint create a very special effect. But we don't think this helps anyway.

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