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Kashan is a city in the desert of the Esfahan province. The city is world famous for its carpets. But besides the carpets, Kashan also has a name for silk, ceramics, copperware and rosewater. This is why we started our visit of Kashan in the bazaar.

The bazaar of Kashan

A mill, hidden in the bazaar

The bazaar of Kashan is one of the most beautiful in Iran. It has many other interesting buildings inside it, like mosques, caravanserais, water storages and of course the fantastic mill you see on the picture above. The miller, when he's not working, is standing in the streets of the bazaar, getting tourists' attention for his mill (and a few rials).


We mentioned the rosewater before. The famous rosefields of Qamsar are near to Kashan, so you'll see rosewater stalls everywhere. This is one of the stalls, just outside of the Fin gardens. Rosewater is used in a lot of Iranian desserts, but the spaghetti-like ice cream is our favorite.

We asked this man if his name was Lulletje, but very predictable he didn't understand this Dutch joke. It doesn't translate very good in English and we didn't even try it in Farsi.

The Borujerdis Old House is a 19th century merchant house. The building itself is a masterpiece and so are the paintings inside by the famous Iranian painter Kamal ol-Molk. The house is famous for its bad-girs, towers designed to lead the high winds to streetlevel, thus keeping the temperature low: very useful in the hot desert.


The Shahzadeh shrine is maybe the only Islamic building in Iran with a pointy roof instead of a dome.

The Fin gardens are one of the highlights of Kashan. This garden, with pools and fountains among fruit trees, has a wonderful lazy atmosphere. The fountains get their water from a natural spring. After flowing through the gardens, the water is used as drinkingwater.


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