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The Kurdistan Province of Iran is a little bit different from the rest of the country. Most of the people here are Kurds, they wear different clothes than in the rest of Iran and they speak Kurdish, which is a very different language compared to Farsi, although both languages are descendents of Pahlavi, an ancient Iranian language.

Landscape in Kurdistan

Onions on a rooftop

There are almost 7 million Kurds in Iran, not only in the Kurdistan province but also in the provinces of Western and Eastern Azerbaijan, Zanjan and Kermanshah. The Kurds of Iran are not treated as hostile as in some other countries in the region. Kurds and other Iranians live together peacefully.

A farmer and his son

A river, a dead tree and a village

When traveling in Kurdistan you need to have your camera ready at all times, the landscape is so picturesque, at every corner there is another scene you just have to take a picture of.

A lot of wood

Heavy traffic

Bijar is a city between Takab and Hamadan. We walked here for a while, taking a lot of photographs, doing some shopping and listening to the knowledge of the local children of names of Dutch footballplayers. There's one boy who gave us almost 100 names in just 2 minutes. Amazing!

A man with a carpet

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