Iranian landscapes

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Just ask someone "what do you think the Iranian landscapes will be like ?" You probably get the answer "desert, just a lot of sand". And indeed, there is a lot of desert in Iran. But there are other landscapes too!

Reservoir lake

Alborz mountains

Especially in the North, near the Caspian Sea, the climate is very moderate (read: it rains a lot) and there are a lot of green landscapes to admire. And of course, there are mountains. Iran is not a flat country and it shows. This page was created to show you the beauty of the Iranian landscapes.

The fields of Zanjan

A river in the North

The road to Masuleh

Multi-coloured mountains near Takab

Sunset over the salt lake, an explosion of colours

One of the most beautiful landscapes we've seen was this salt lake near Shiraz. During sunset this lake was almost explosive with all sorts of colours.

The hills are reflected in the salt

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