The Burren

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Polished limestone

The Burren. Where there are no trees to hang a man. Where there is not enough water to drown him. And if you finally succeeded in killing him, it's too rocky to bury him.

Megalithic stones

The landscape of the Burren is special. The limestone is split and weathered. Everywhere are traces of Megalithic Tombs (like this famous Poulnabrone), ringforts, souterrains, cairns, holy wells and stone rows.

Tourist stones

Just stones

The vast amount of stone works on the imagination of people. Not only 3000 years BC, but even today stones are piled up into nice shapes, maybe even with some (unknown) purpose.


The space between the rock contains some soil. Close to the ground it is a bit warmer, because the stone is easily warmed by any sun there is.

The result is a variety of flowers, and lots of moths and butterflies. Keep your eyes down, and you will see the attractions of the Burren.

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