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This church seats 14.000 peopl

Knock is just a small village in County Mayo. Except of course for the Apparition of Maria, Joseph and St. John in 1879. After amazing recoveries of sick and disabled people, the place has become a real pilgrim center.

The church on this picture is the Basilica of Our Lady, Queen of Ireland. It accommodates 14,000 people. On busy days, not everyone fits in the church together, so there are probably more masses.


Meditation chapel

Knock is the most important place of pilgrimage for the Catholic church in Ireland and Britain. We found it had a serious and holy atmosphere, not like some funfair-like places of pilgrimage we've been earlier.

Tapping holy water

We where in Lourdes once, and there we saw nothing but shops selling water bottles and pictures and statues of Maria.

We were afraid that Knock would be a bit like this, after seeing the picture of the plastic bottles in the guidebook. But we found out there were only the shops on this picture (which is about half the village).

Opposite both churches is a long row of taps, where you can fill your bottle of Holy Water.

This way to the holy water

We were a bit disappointed the tap didn't start filling it up by itself when you hold a bottle beneath it. You have to push a button, which is part of the picture of a biblical scene. Our picture was of Jesus being baptized in the river Jordan by St. John.

Just like Lourdes

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