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Newgrange, as big a mystery as Stonehenge. It originates from about 3,000 BC, so it is about 500 years older than the great pyramids. It's pretty certain it is a passage tomb. But the passage is only 19 meters long, and the mound itself is about 80 meters in diameter. So what is the purpose of the rest?

Looking at Newgrange

The entrance to the passage

Newgrange with just a little more colour

Above the entrance is a small window. On a couple of days in December, the sun shines through this window, illuminating the complete passage for 15 minutes. Did they do this much work for a few minutes of light?

The sun in the end of December

The mound is circled with 97 enormous stones. To keep them apart, they all have a number nowadays. The entrance stone (stone number 1) is richly decorated, but this one, number 52 or so, is almost as beautiful. I especially like the flowers with the electrical points.

More information about Newgrange and Knowth?
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A stone with a number

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