Impressions of Jordan

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This man was very pleased we wanted to make a picture of his bakery.

Black iris

The black iris is Jordan's national flower.

Dangerous camels

You should ALWAYS watch out for camels.

Camels are dangerous

These animals are very dangerous.

Who is this creep ?

Decorated truck

A good example of a Jordanian decorated truck.

The blackest Jordanian

Here I sit with the caretaker of Shobak castle on the throne of Saladdin. The caretaker is the blackest Jordanian we saw.

If you want to visit his castle, don't forget to take a flashlight with you, otherwise you won't be able to see the secret tunnel.

This tunnel leads 365 steps down. It takes about an hour to climb down and up again.


In the Shaumari Wildlife Reserve you might see some of the Oryx they have here. Binoculars are very useful; this one was 1.5 km away.

Even more interesting species

These schoolchildren in Shaumari however discovered a much more interesting species: us.

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