Fort Asperen

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Asperen is one of the forts of the Water Defense Line (Waterlinie). 

At the bottom of this page are some links to websites which give some real information.

The Waterlinie is a series of forts and water inlets which can be used to flood the polders, thus creating an enormous lake from Amsterdam via Utrecht to the big rivers in the south. The enemy, who is supposed to come from the east, can't cross this lake by horse, except over a few dikes where the forts are. And the soldiers there have an easy task defending the rich westerly part of Holland. 

These are the dungeons of Fort Asperen. 

Asperen nowadays is often used for exceptional art exhibitions. Mostly big installations are exhibited here. 

In the second World War soldiers where encamped here. The graffiti on the wall shows they had too much time off. 

The pictures below show some of the art-installations. Don't ask me what the fun is of flooding a cellar. (It is compatible with the use of the Waterlinie itself.)

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