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Walking in Groningen. Day 10: Winsum to Groningen City, 19 km. Map.

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Garnwerd bridge

And finally the last one of our walking-days. The track is no longer the Wad- en Wierdenpad, but the Pieterpad (as described in the page of Pieterburen), because we are going to the city Groningen.

The village on our road is called Garnwerd. It has small roads which are typical for a terp-village, and you can make nice pictures of the bridge and mill as well.

Narrow streets in Garnwerd


A typical city-view: an artistic fountain in the city-park.

We made it !!

After 19 kilometres, it is good to lie down for a while before going into the city, museum, cinema and restaurant can wait.

A new (clean !!) T-shirt

First priority: buy a new T-shirt. After almost two weeks most of are clothes have lost their cleanliness (except the thick pullover).

This one, with Animal of the Muppets in Iron Maiden style, we thought was very nice.

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