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Groningen is one of the places we like the most in the Netherlands. Because the city is located in the far north of the country, most people think of it as "far away" and hardly ever come here. A friend of us even knows more about Ulanbaator in Mongolia than about Groningen. We have told him many times he's crazy, because Groningen is COOL !

In front of Gronings museum

One of the most remarkable places in Groningen is not the Martinitoren, which is the second highest church tower of the country, but the Gronings Museum. This museum has an extraordinary collection of modern art.


This 3D-displaybox is a good example of what you might expect inside the museum.

An important thing to know about the museum, it has more works of art than room to display and expositions change frequently. So, if you come here for the second time, there will be lots of different things to see.

Oewaaah !


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