Hortus Haren

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Mirjam and flowers

Haren, the Bell Air of Groningen. Since 1965 the Hortus Botanicus, which until then used to be in Groningen City, is in Haren. The Hortus has beautiful gardens with several themes and in several styles, as well as greenhouses filled with tropical and subtropical plants and flowers.

Cacti without Mirjam

Chinese style building

In this era a beautiful garden is not enough to attract lots of people, so the Hortus adds different (changing) things to their garden. At the moment it is 'The (hidden) empire of Ming', with several Chinese buildings and ornamental waters. You can get your name in Chinese calligraphy, or listen to original Chinese music.

A large Chinese lake

This spring there were ice-sculptures in the Hortus, at the moment (until 31 October 1999) you can have a look at the streetlife of the old Chinese city Hutong, made of wax.

There are lots of scenes, like sellers of all kinds of food, acrobats, carpenters and this butcher. Especially when you see this very clean butcher, you remember the stories of people who went to China: dirty and smelly and not very hygienic. This butcher manages to have an apron with not even one spot of blood.

No blood

Flower girl

This flower-selling girl must be a competitor to the gardens of the Hortus. And where did she pick them? Didn't you notice the empty spots in the picture of the flowergarden above?

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