Walking in Groningen. Day 8: Lauwersoog to Leens, 19 km. Map.

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Lauwersoog fishing-harbour

Lauwersoog is the harbour where the boat from Schiermonnikoog moors. So, after our day of rest on Schiermonnikoog, this is the place where we resume our walk through Groningen.

Lauwersoog has one of the most important fishing-harbours of the Netherlands. On every day but the day we were there, the harbour is filled with boats from Urk, Zoutkamp and other harbours.

Don't moor your car here !

This pole is not for mooring. And that seems a little strange. If you arrive here by car, it looks very much like you have to park your car directly under this pole. And when you are not allowed to tie it up, wouldn't it just float away?


Expozee is an information-center about the Lauwersmeer, the lake that was formed when the Lauwerssea was dammed of the sea. The main use of the Lauwersmeer is nature.

Funny thing, the Expozee doesn't advertise its existence very much. On our walk we missed it completely. Later, we had to come back by car and make up for this mistake.

So, if you ever get stranded in Lauwersoog (if, for example, you have to wait there for 2 hours because of the stupid bus-schedule at the ferry), don't forget the Expozee.

The area near the Lauwersmeer, the Marne-area, is in use by the army. The drowned road you see here is not a result of heavy rain, but meant to be like this: amphibian vehicles are tested here.

It must be a great sight to look at a couple of rookie soldiers trying to cross this river and things are not really working out the way they want to. Alas, there was no activity in the Marne-area whatsoever the day we were here.

Testing amphibian vehicles

Wide view

And we couldn't resist taking a picture of the view from the dike around the Westpolder. You don't often have such wide views (except in Groningen).

After some time we reached the village Vierhuizen (Four houses). At the entrance a sign tells you the names of all the children who play here (on the 'skirt' of the girl). Nineteen names, that's almost 5 children per house!!! Large families, here.

Nineteen children playing here


More than 4 houses in Vierhuizen

Or maybe, on second sight, there may be more than four houses. And there is also a windmill and a church. We discovered a camping with an inn (and ice-creams) as well.

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