Walking in Groningen. Day 2: from Nieuweschans to Termunterzijl, 27 km. Map.

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OK, this is it. This will be the toughest day of our walk through Groningen, more than 27 kilometers, with full backpacks, at a temperature of 32 degrees Celsius. The first part of today's trip takes us along some real Groningen landscapes. Groningen is well known for its room: large, wide and green fields, with some farms near the horizon, and trees along every watercourse you can find.


I think I can see a farm over there

In the beginning we see a lot of farms, but after a while they get scarce. However, Mirjam thinks she can see one.

After a couple of hours of walking, we reach the dike of the Waddenzee. The dikes here are decorated with monuments. For every new dike and every time the dikes were raised, a new monument is placed. Most of them are not very original, but luckily there are exceptions.

Ten iron poles

No dike, no land, no life

This monument says in the Groningen dialect: ‘No dike, no land, no life’. This explains everything about the Dutch making land out of water and all those monuments in just 6 words.

After 15 km, we end up out of water. And we thought 4 liters would be enough. Evidently not, it's just too hot. Unfortunately, there isn't even a farm in sight where we could fill up our bottles. With a very dry throat we walk the rest of the way to Termunten. We are very pleased to see the church of Termunten from up close.

Termunten church

The local florist will be happy with this one

Because of our dry throats, we don't pay the church a lot of attention. It's a bar we want, not a church. The next thing we see, is a house with a lot of flowers around. The local florists must be VERY happy with the people who live here. We, on the other hand, are very happy with what we see next. Yes, there it is: the bar. One bucket of water please.

Near Termunten is a sluice (in Gronings this is called a Zijl), resulting in a second village Termunterzijl. The sluice is decorated with the arms of the investors. At the harbour just outside the sluice is another monument.

The arms of the investors

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