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Harbour and Brandaris

The village West-Terschelling, or West, is dominated by the lighthouse Brandaris. The picture in the right is not a lamp of the lighthouse, but the illumination of a restaurant at its foot.

How many tourists does it take to screw in a lightbulb ??


Old houses

On Terschelling there are several villages. Most of them are crowded with tourists in the summer, but on a rainy day in January you have them for yourself.
It's a little bit wet around here

Close together: forest and meadows. In the winter the essential maintenance of the forest is done. The meadows are flooded with rain. It is conserved, so later in the year there won't be a shortage. On an islands you don't have much possibilities to supply water from elsewhere. The meadows are used for nature as well as for agriculture: geese live here in winter.

Production forest


A farm in the wetlands

Very colourful


At West is a storage for buoys. Though much more colourful, it is just as abstract at the stones at the foot of the dike.

Alone on the beach

I beg your pardon ? Jaja, paarden !

The eastern part of Terschelling is the Bosplaat, a dune-area. It takes about one third of the lenght of the island, and you can only partly visit it by bycicle: the rest of the way you have to walk. As we came there by bycicle on a stormy day (the way going there was very fast, but we would have to return against the wind), we decided to go not all the way to the eastern tip of the island. Instead, at the beginning of the Bosplaat we went to the beach, and then started back home. If we return to Terschelling on a better day, we will try the Bosplaat again. 

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