Texel 2007

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In 2007 we went to Texel again for a whole week. This time we stayed in Den Hoorn, the village in the South of the island.

Den Hoorn



This is close to one of the places where spoonbills hatch. You can see them flying to their nests from a viewpoint. And when you take a trip with a guide, you come even closer. And you learn a bit about other birds and flowers as well.
Eierland Farm and poppies

The Eierland Polder is a true polder, with large farms connected by long straight roads. This is not a good place for walking; even on bicycle you might wish you stayed in the dunes.

Of course we visited also some of the other places that Texel is famous for, like De Slufter (on the right).   

The Slufter is a tidal inlet which has an open connection to the sea. There are many creeks and a lot of plants that like salt environments.


In Ecomare there is a shelter for seals. There is a group of old seals, that can't live in the sea anymore. Feeding time is always great fun.

Under water

Feeding the seals

Hooge Berg

Heavy sheep

The oldest part of Texel is formed by a heap of loam. On both sides of the path are little dikes, called "tuunwoaltjes", made to keep the sheep in the fields. Nowadays more common fences are used.
The shed on the picture below is called a "schapenboet". These are used to store food and hay for the sheep. They are very common for Texel and (with just a few exceptions) they're always looking East.

 Wadden Sea Beach near De Cocksdorp
The Wadden Sea is always interesting. Not only can you look at it from top of the dike. You can also take a trip on a boat that catches shrimp (and cooks them on board - you can bring some of them home). We took a boat that shows some of the life of the sea bottom on a table, filled with water. Al the children could hold a clam or a fish, before they were put back into the sea.
 The Captain

TX35 or Titanic ?

Fishing for shrimps

Boat to Vlieland

Romantic picture

The Northern end of the island with the lighthouse is a great place to see the sunset. Of course, you can always go further, for instance by taking the boat from here to Vlieland.


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