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A sophisticated pier

Of course, you can go to Vlieland from the mainland of Friesland. Another possibility (though only in summer), is a boat from the North of Texel. If it is not to busy you can bring your bike, but when you go for a daytrip, you can better rent a bike at Vlieland. The boat mounts at a sophisticated pier. 
Vliehors express

The Vliehors Express bring you from the boat to the Post House, over the beach Vliehors. You are not allowed to walk this part, because it is military property. During your trip you may see a F16 flying over and taking a shot at a tank on the beach. The yellow color may be awful, but the fighter pilots won't mistake you for a tank. 

A fisherman is working on his nets, trying to get fish in it or weeds out of it or something. Fisherman

The old city hall in Oost Vlieland. Although its name suggests there are more villages, it is the only village on the island. West Vlieland used to exist, but it disappeared in the sea centuries (or at least decennia) ago.

City hall in Oost Vlieland
Vlieland lighthouse The light house of Vlieland is very small, maybe 10 or 12 meters high. That is no problem, because it stands on the top of a very high dune. 

The light in the lighthouse

One of the main attractions of Vlieland is the cemetery. There is a gravestone of the 17th century, made of the jaw of the whale. Other attractions are the lighthouse and the visitors center of Staatsbosbeheer, the owner of most nature on Vlieland.

Of course, most people come to Vlieland to enjoy the peace and quiet, and the nature here: dunes, forests and the occasional polder area.

Posthuis At the end of the day we return to the Post House,where the Vliehors Express collects us and brings us back to Texel.

Island hoppers stay the night on Vlieland and travel further the next day, to Terschelling.

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