Walking in Groningen. 
Day 9: Leens to Winsum, 15 km. Map.

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Ancient agricultural thingy

Todays trip to Winsum starts at Leens. First, we put everything we don't need anymore in a box and mail it home. This takes care of a lot of weight. Goodbye wadloop-shoes, goodbye dirty laundry. From now on it's easy going.

In Leens there is an interesting church to visit, but most important, another Borg, like the one in Uithuizen. We visited this Borg Verhildersum some years ago, so we could suffice with a picture of an agricultural machine from long ago, and of the pigeon-house, built in a gate. Both belong to the agricultural museum, which in its turn belongs to the Borg.

Pigeons with just a fleshwound


An interesting detail: the flyholes in the pigeon-house are closed with what look like very sharp iron bars. Any pigeon that wants to fly in will end up with 'just a fleshwound'.

After a fantastic grass-path along one of the small rivers in Groningen, we have to walk along a busy road for several kilometers (though partly on the other side of a canal). Then there is a part over this small road, and then you can see the skyline of Winsum. In the picture it is not too clear, but Winsum has two windmills!

Winsum skyline with 2 windmills

We found out Winsum is actually two villages: Winsum and Obergum, built on two terps along each other and only seperated by the Winsummer-canal. This doesn't solve the problem with the two windmills: they are both on the same side of the canal.

The centre of Winsum

Probably because this canal is linked to several small rivers, Winsum is the 'European capital' for canoeing.

Entrance to the church on the first floor

The people who built this church, were certainly afraid of floods: the entrance is on the first floor.

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