Queen Charlotte

At the hairdressers

There is a hotel, but it has no rooms

In Picton the ferry from the North Island arrives. We stayed at the camping (happily we didn't have reservations for this hotel). Before we have to catch our water taxi, there is time for Leon to have a hair cut.

Our walk starts here on this jetty

Goodbye to the water taxi

Those hills don't look so high ....

The water taxi brings us to the other side of the Queen Charlotte Sound, where we will do a daytrip of the Queen Charlotte Track.

A memorial thingy

The track leads us over the tops of some hills, where we have great views over the sound, bays and islands. As New Zealand is supposed to be 'Europe in small', this must be Greece.

Views over the bays

Forest path

Sometimes the path leads through forest, giving some coolness against the hot sun. A part of the path leads over a lot of tree roots, which makes the walking harder. Tree roots

Our 4x4 on the old stagecoach track

The next day we drive over an old stagecoach route through the hills to Nelson. It is supposed to be a very popular 4x4 route, but we were lucky not to meet other cars. Apart from this parking spot, the track wasn't wide enough to pass someone else.