Christchurch & Banks Peninsula

Marihuana leaves

The Wizard

Artists selling cookies

Christchurch must be the strangest city in New Zealand:

  • The statue in the city square resembles not fern leaves, like in Wellington, but marihuana leaves.

  • The wizard who blatters a lot of nonsense about women rights is on the payroll of the council.

  • The restored tramways covers a track of 2,5 kilometres, so no-one in a right mind would pay 12 kiwi-dollars. Fortunately for the tramway operators, not everybody is that sensible.

Christchurch is famous for its artists. Lots of these artists sell cookies, while being dressed in clothes the wizard would like.

Historical tramways

Christchurch has a botanical garden, and we visited it. Actually, the garden proofs again Christchurch is a bit strange: only 13 years after the first settlers arrived, the garden was started. This results in big trees.


Even more flowers

Boat storage

A view with a river

We found a camping on the Banks Pensinsula, at a place called Diamond Harbour. The boats are stored in a practical way: standing up.
Also on the Banks Peninsula, we saw this wonderful sunset. It's cool, isn't it ?

Reflecting sunset

The next day we did a trip around the beaches and bays of the Banks Peninsula. Thanks to our 4WD we could reach all those small places and cosy beaches, as almost none of the roads are sealed. 

Watch out for Pukeko's


We are now almost leaving New Zealand, so we have to make a picture of something that kept to amaze us: the toilet paper. It is very thin, so you need quite a bit to get something you can really use. But it sits on a big wooden holder on which it can hardly turn, so it takes an effort to get it of the role. Actually, this is not the worst holder of all: there is also a type that tries to snatch your fingers of when you take more than three papers.

 Toilet Paper


Almost at the end of the holidays another self portrait, now much more tanned than 5 weeks ago. We were glad we had used the factor 20 sun cream, instead of lower factors. With the hole in the ozone layer above New Zealand, you really need it. 

Rue Whatever

French B&B

Akaroa is built by French settlers. Apparently, the plans to occupy all of New Zealand (Nouveaux Zélande?) fell in the water because the English had already the Waitomi contract with the Maori, making the place English. Here in Akaroa you can buy decent croissants and walk through a rue instead of a street.

Swimming with dolphins

It is also one of many places where you can see dolphins or swim with them. We did a tour to see them, and where lucky: there were about 20 of them. Besides the dolphins, we also saw several kinds of birds, like shags, shearwaters, terns and a penguin. If you are satisfied with dolphins instead of whales, like we did, you don't have to go all the way to Kaikoura.  

Bird shit (and birds)

A dolphin