Wanaka and Queenstown

Again one of the landscapes that might look familiar: another scene of Lord of the Rings is filmed near Wanaka. At Wanaka you can do most of the adventure sports you can also do in Queenstown, but the people here do not look strange at you when you just read a book.

Another landscape from Lord of the Rings

One of the things you shouldn't miss at Wanaka is Puzzling world. We finished the challenge of the 3D-labyrinth, and enjoyed the tilted house and some of the other puzzles. If you are not interested in puzzles but do like airplanes, you better visit Wanaka airport, with the fighter pilots museum. 

Puzzling World

Electrifying experiences

The way out of the maze

3D maze

Mount Aspiring National Park can be reached from several places, but Wanaka is the best. It does take a gravel road with washboard profile, so you better check if your teeth are still secure in your mouth.

Valley into Mount Aspiring Natrional Park

Behind the cows

Although, when you drive for 45 minutes behind a couple of cows, being herded to another field, your teeth are in no danger.

The road from Wanaka to Queenstown lead over the highest pass in a major road, 1121 m high. Although the road is sealed since a few years, it is too steep for towing cars. So, those driving a caravan will miss the view of the fence with bra's.

The pass

View from Coronet Peak



Safety first

In a few minutes we'll be WET !

We are not that adventurous today, and just walked a part of the Routeburn Track. The exciting things here are yet another swingbridge and lots of yellowheads (a  bird) that fly along with you from treetop to treetop, and laugh at you because you can't take a picture of them. 

Queenstown advertises with being the capital of (extreme) adventure sports. Besides jetboating (what we did and really enjoyed), you can go paragliding, fly by wire, waterski, bungyjump, and whatever you or anyone else can think of. You can even visit the garden !

Sunrise over Lake Wakatipu

Another swingbridge at the Routeburn Track

Sunset in Queenstown

Paradise, no exit

At first we thought a trip to paradise might be great, but the sign 'no exit' changed our mind. Suppose you really can't get out.