Impressions of Poland

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When you're driving through Poland, you see people everywhere working on the fields, picking strawberries and selling them to passing people.


The churchyards are loaded with flowers, making them so colorful that you must get happy.

Jesus under a small roof

The Jesus-figure has its own small roof above him. It is so small it can't really help against the rain.

The agriculture reminds of the way the farmers in Holland worked in the 50th or earlier: little or no herbicides, pesticides and fungicides and little fertilizer. This results in fields with all kinds of flowers. 

Sometimes you can see a farmer traveling with his horse and wagon to his field, where he will load the hay by hand on the wagon. Oddly, you can see on the next field the most modern machines.

Wild roses

Every village (a cluster of 10 houses or more) has at least two things: a stork and a crucifix, decorated with flowers or ribbons. 

When a village is real important, you'll find a third thing, a Ratusz or town hall. Some of these town halls are really cool.

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