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Nearby Kolobrzeg is a moor, only meters away from the Baltic coast. A paradise for bird-lovers (and birds, of course). And photographers should visit this place as well.

The peat which is dug here, has a comforting effect on rheumatism and skin-diseases. And after applying the mud on your skin, you can use it as fertilizer for your potting plants.

Salt water swamp

Salt pan

People used to simmer salt water in saltpans like these, until all the water was evaporated and the salt could be 'harvested'.

Tap with salt water

Salt groundwater, from meters below the surface, comes in Kolobrzeg out of the tap.

Here are also several spa-resorts. The warm and salt water has a healing effect (like the peat from the moors).

Red army airstrip

Unexpected: a abandoned airport of the Red Army. Only several years ago the Red Army left Poland. The landing strips and parking lots for the planes offer weird opportunities:
a golf course and café for rich guys with their own planes, or a racetrack for Formula X, or ...


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