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Olsztyn old gate

The old gate of Olsztyn. It used to stand by itself, like it looks on the picture, for centuries. But now only few meters to the right, new houses and shops are built.

The Olsztyn city square

When we visited Poland in 1992, there was someone with a great commercial idea: he sold homebrewn beer on Friday night, right here on this marketplace. That is, it looked like a great idea on Friday night, the beer tasted great (although a bit strange), but don't ask what happened on Saturday morning... Let's just say we spent quite some time examining the Polish public toilets, which weren't that great in 1992. Now, as you can see, there are several cafés on the Olsztyn square. A sign of changed times, and of course a chance to do something different on Saturday mornings.

One of the lakes

Olsztyn is a city surrounded by lakes. We had a camping site at about 7 kilometers from the city, but of you wish, you can sail all the way.

The camping was a small paradise, geese and chickens walking free, you could rent a boat, take a swim or fish a little ...


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