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About 10 years ago some Polish friends warned us never to go to Szczecin. They said it was an ugly city where there's nothing to see. Of course, we didn't listing to them, so we came to Szczecin to see for ourselves what the city is really like. And we concluded Szczecin isn't that bad. A lot of places in the city have been restored and now look real nice, and there are quite a lot of interesting things to see.

The National Museum for instance has an interesting collection about the area from the Viking times until the 1900's.


This Cathedral is the largest church in Szczecin. It has an atmosphere that makes you think you are somewhere in Spain. Szczecin also has a lot of smaller churches. Some of these are very beautiful, especially in the inside.

On the picture on the right you see the part of Szczecin they call "the castle". Like in most cities in Poland, all the old buildings were completely destroyed in World War II. It is now completely restored to the way it was, so it really looks like you walk in a medieval city.

This street is another restoration project in Szczecin. Until a few years ago, this street was so crammed with cars you could hardly walk here. Now, it has become quite an attractive street with lots of shops.

A street in Szczecin

An ancient pump

This group of hydrologists was very interested in this ancient water pump. Of course, they couldn't get it to work. Sorry guys.

Another strange thing in Szczecin in the "long park". Being over 10 kilometers long, it is the longest park in Poland. It runs from the center of the city to the outskirts. Alas, our tight time schedule didn't allow us to walk in the park for a while, so we don't have a picture.

When we left Szczecin, we knew we had to come back someday.


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