Wolin Island

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The wetlands of Wolin

Wolin Island, situated in the Baltic Sea, just across the German-Polish border, is an interesting place. Most of the island is National Park, half of which is forest, the other half wetlands like on the picture on the left.

On this picture, you can see the Baltic Sea in the distance. Closer by is the river Swina, which forms a series of lakes here.

A lake

On the Baltic Coast you can see fascinating cliffs. Some of these cliffs are more than 90 meters high, and they look like they're just made out of sand. Even if you know there's limestone underneath, it's still hard to believe. 

Hotel Nautilus

Miedzyzdroje is a city at the Baltic coast. At the turn of the 19th century there were lots of hotels, which still remain. Some of them are really neglected, but others are restored to their original beauty.

A drop into oblivion

Sun, sea and sex

Sun, sea and sand. The Baltic coast is popular with German, Scandinavian and Polish tourists, offering everything a beach-holiday needs and not too expensive.

A viking thingy

Wolin Island used to be a very important place for the Vikings, a thousand years ago. Today you can still find some of their remains, in the Wolin city museum for example. This small museum has an interesting exposition about Wolin in the Viking times.

In World War II, Wolin Island was the place where Hitler's V3 rockets were developed and tested. These missiles were fired from a 150 meter long gunbarrel. We guess these guys read Jules Verne's "From the earth to the moon". The foundations of these gunbarrels are still there, but they don't look very interesting.

We had a bonfire in the forest, organized by the foresters of the National Park. This was great: lots of food, lots of wodka (and apple juice), someone playing the accordeon and more food, more wodka. The main course was this little piglet.

Pig !

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