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Multi-coloured footware

Almaty was called Alma Ata in Sovjet times. And most Dutch people know about it because of the nearby Medeo skating track. The track lies high in the mountains, reason for fast laptimes.

We didn't visit Medeo, but both the Russian Orthodox cathedrals. There is a lot to be seen here. Inside are many richly decorated icons and paintings. There was a service going on, and at the same time some children were baptized.

Zenkov Cathedral

The mosque is the biggest of Kazakhstan, but quite sober decorated. After the cathedral, it looks a bit boring. Luckily the nearby bazaar added more colour to the picture.

Newly-wed couple at the Golden Man Statue The monument of the Republic of Kazakhstan is decorated with an impression of the Golden Man, a warrior of long ago. When you touch the book at the foot of the column, you may make a wish. Of course, this is a great place for newly weds to make a picture.

The mosque

Put your hand on the book and make a wish

Cable car The statue

We took the cable car to Köktyube. In this park you can look all over the city, and meanwhile walk in the park or have lunch in one of the restaurants. In one of the streets of Almaty we got a bit confused: do the building blocks also serve as grave yards?

What's this ????

Men playing chess

In the Panfilov park a lot of people come and spend their Saturday. You can play a game of chess, feed the pigeons or practice inline skating. The monument of WWII is also in this park, and here come newly weds to make their pictures. The wedding guests liked to pose for us.

Nice young girls

Girl feeding the flying rats

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