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Bishkek is the capital of Kyrgyzstan, and it is said to be the greenest city in the world. It has a lot of parks, and almost every street is lined by trees.

Lenin picture on a water tower

Kyrgyz bus

We also think Bishkek is the world's darkest city at night. It isn't just 'poorly lit', there are no lights whatsoever. Even cars drive around at night without any lights.

Good tasting pears

Transportation of vegetables

These red peppers are brought to the same market where Mirjam buys some pears. We wonder if the driver is covered with peppers ?

Fountains on the Ala Too Square

The fountains below are at the main square in Bishkek, the Ala Too Square.

Yes !! Another wedding !!

In Bishkek people get married too. Pictures are supposed to be made at the monument of WWII.

Ala Archa  mountains

The main attraction of Kyrgyzstan are the mountains, where you can spend days walking or horse back riding. We went to Ala Archa, where you can walk along the river or to a waterfall. Unfortunately the route was not marked very well, so some of our group got stranded in a stone field. Only the die-hards found the right track to the waterfall. But everybody had a good time.


The path to the waterfall

Lazy on a rock

Burana Tower

At the foot of the tower are balbals or bulbuls, strange totem-like stone markers. Nobody knows the purpose of these manlike figures, but they look nice.

Not far from Bishkek lies the Burana tower. The purpose of the tower is not clear, maybe military or the remains of a minaret. A nice story is that the tower was built by a king, who let his daughter live there to prevent she would die from the bite of a spider. Of course, you can't escape fate, so the spider hid in some grapes and she died after all.

A field of dickheads (bulbuls)

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