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Group of Uygurs in Kashgar city park

The province Xin-Jiang is, like some other Chinese provinces, not only populated by Han-Chinese. In this region live a lot of Uygur people, a kind of Turkish people like we have met in the 'Stans'. The Uygur speak a different language and wear hats like these men, sitting in the park.

Nice dress, nice donkey

Kashgar is famous for its animal market. People from all around come with their animals to sell them. Some have one cow or donkey to trade, others bring a truck full of sheep. The animals are quite gymnastic: they jump all the way down from the truck (and in the evening back in again?) and don't break any legs.

Offloading your sheep !!

A row of sheep

Sheep and goats are tied head to head on a rope. Very cosy for the animals, and very organized for the people. The scale of this market is remarkable, sheep, goats, cows, donkeys, horses and even camels.

Five goats

I want THAT one !

When you have looked for some time at all those animals, you realise this is not a yearly market, but this happens every week. Off course we were here in autumn, so the lambs from last spring are grown now and ready to sell. And it was Ramadan, so a lot of people need a bit extra for the nightly dinners and the Sugar Festival at the end of the Ramadan.

Exchange of money

Large melons In a different part of the city is the Sunday market: a bazaar, but way bigger. The man below hopes to get rich while sleeping, we think.

Repairing bicyles is an easy job

Colour management (RGB of CMYK ?)

There are strange things to be found on the market, like dyes, dried snakes and frogs, and fur of cats. You can also buy hats of catfur, some of them with the eyes still in it.

The result of skinning a few cats

Hungry !!

The heads of sheep are supposed to be a delicacy, although these looked like they were waiting for the garbage man to pick them up.

Sheep's heads

Mao statue On Saturday we saw a lot of children walking with a stool. At the school we saw them again. There is probably not enough furniture in school, so who wants to sit, must bring his own stool.

Group of children with stools

Inside an Old-City house

Some of the houses look very poor on the outside, but are very richly decorated on the inside.

You can visit the old city of Kashgar with a guide. He leads you through the maze of streets and alleys, and brings you to workshops and private homes. It is nice to have a look at the life behind those walls.

A "weeping gypsy girl" photo

Apak Hoya Tomb

The Apak Hoja Tomb is a mausoleum just outside Kashgar. There are 72 people buried here, although there are only 58 graves. The most important grave is of a princess called Yellow Flower. The decoration is nice, with green and brown ceramic tiles (instead of the regular blue ones). The glue is getting a bit old: the sign below warns of falling tiles (we think). Maybe a bit of restoration is in order ?

Be careful, don't dropet

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